A Hong Kong base Rock n Roll Singer Song writer

Written by  Friday, 22 April 2016 00:00


I remember my father giving me a radio when I was about eight years old. Since then music has always been a part of my life. Four years later my father bought me yet again what would change my life forever, a guitar. Songs influence me by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead and so many other artists of the time. I believe that I am a natural born singer. My Grandmother was a Jamaican woman, so while I am a Hong Kong Chinese, My heritage also includes traits from the Caribbean.

I was Born on April the 17th in the Year of the Monkey. That makes me an Aries. I was over fifty years of age before I made my first album, a dream coming true as I see it. I have a loving wife and a very beautiful and respectful daughter. I love music so much so i decide to make an album and share some of my music with you. These songs come from the heart of mine and i hope you enjoy as much as i do.

當我八歲的時候,父親送我一個原子粒收音機,這樣音樂成為我生活的一部份,四年後父親再贈我一件東西,它…永遠改變了我的生命,這是我一生最喜愛的…結他。此後每一天我總不能離開聽音樂和彈結他。我所聽的歌曲包括Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead……和其他同期而不同類型的歌手或組合;我天生便是歌唱者和音樂人,原因就是我外祖母的關係,她是佰份之一佰的牙買加人(黑人),而我母親亦是在當地出生的,雖然我生於香港,但亦遺傳到「加勒比海人」的血統特色,那就是跳舞和唱歌。